Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Shopping for Blythe Part 1 - Dolls and parts.

Here I will be compiling a list of shops for Blythe and related goods. I'll try to keep it updated as much as possible!

Shops selling Blythe Dolls

Junie Moon - Japan - Junie Moon is the official Blythe shop based in Japan, and they ship internationally, so if you're looking for current releases and are nervous about accidentally buying a fake, Junie Moon is the place to go!

Rakuten Blythe category - Japan - Ship internationally and have a points program, usually only have new releases.

AmiAmi - Japan - Good for preorders, not so good for having any dolls in stock.

HLJ - Japan - This used to be my favourite shop for Blythe, but recently they don't seem to stock very well.

Mandarake International - Japan- A place to find rare older editions and they ship internationally! There's some high prices but you never know what you'll find :)

Dollfie World - Hong Kong - I love DW! Don't forget to change currency from HKD to USD before it gives you a heart attack.

Mimiwoo - Hong Kong - Just watch the prices here, they do include shipping but can run rather high.

XL-shop - Malaysia - I haven't used them yet but looks like a nice little shop! As I type they have Sunshine Holiday in stock @_@

Shops selling bodies for Blythe - Pure Neemo

1999 - Japan - Don't always have full stock but the prices are pretty good!

And mentioned above: Amiami, HLJ, DollfieWorld, Mimiwoo (although from her they are rather expensive)

Other parts and eye chips for Blythe

Kuloft on Etsy - Thailand -   Kuloft dealer on Taobao - China - Lovely eyechips and accessories!

Coolcat -  Taiwan - I use Coolcat a lot! The place to go for scalps, etc, but a little expensive for chips.

Etsy - I haven't used any Etsy seller for chips, so here's the whole category.

Middoll on Taobao - China - Cute chips!

Hair, fibres, wefts for Blythe

Coolcat - Taiwan - Coolcat have lots of weft options.

Dollyhair - USA- For my friends across the pond! Lots of fibres available.

Retrodolls - UK - Artificial and natural fibres as well as a rerooting service.

Hope that's useful!

Remember, if you want to buy from Taobao using Yoybuy my affiliate link is Here.

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